Long Way Home

by Never Grown Up

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released January 2, 2013



all rights reserved


Never Grown Up North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany


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Track Name: Rip It Out
Long Time Ago you´ve lost your fuckin heart
And it got wasted in mutt
A Mirror´s breaking after she paints herself
Only to get fucked
A Girl who´s lying in the puke has lost herself
I thought the dignity died at last
Betraying must be normal in these days
Simply Killing of the Past.

When the heart is useless Rip it Out
Rip it Out

You give a fuckin Shit
Stop believe and start to fuckin Sink
Do you have to take some blessings to bring you back to the good old life
Are you not bored to be unscared to try some new things out of line
Track Name: Dear Love
Dear Love, I´ve to live on my Own
I´m Sorry, but every Love who´s with me get destroid
I swear

Great to hear that everything is working well so far
But i will return to take my life back
Burning Everything, Burning everything
Kill the years to get more sleep again
I´ve drawn myself till I understood it was never about might
No more Battles

It would split the oceans if someone could tell the right direction
It would burn the sun if someone teached me that I learned the wrong things
I don´t have the trust but the hope, someone could bend me straight
The truth makes the light shine but I´m scared of the light
I´m so fuckin scared

So let´s crawl in the dark together
Track Name: Was It Worth It
It was never about your dreams
It was never about your hopes
It is just how you wonder how the world could get
so fucked up

Are you still wondering how the world could get so fucked up
While you are arounded by the people who are loving you the most
Your hatred has blacked your eyes
And it ruined your Smile
Was it worth it
Was it worth it

Lose your Pride
It will always be the hardest Part of Life
And you understand there is something more
there is really something more
Beyond the world
Behind your Eyes
In Front of your Heart
Track Name: How The World Turns
And she said you take Everything to your Heart to much
You should sleep
And she said she is alone but never lonely
I did never get it until the Point she crossed the line

I will show you the most beautiful Person i met in my Life

It´s some kind of funny how the World turns while we dont know nothing about the end
And we´re keeping close to our lifes while we dont know when it ends
some kind of strange

Please keep believing in it
Track Name: Days
Thank you very much, I lived an Illusion
Between Imagine and the Words
You will burn your fingers, keep that in mind,
Dont even think of trying out
No more Risks, no more Wishes
No more Challenges
I had to cut out my Failures don´t worry about
It´s the Best for Everyone

Thank you very much for the finding
That the Key to the Luck ist shouting out
I will return, I will try a thousand times
And for the Slap, I will get a lot more harder Ones
But I don´t mind, as long as I´m learning

Don´t think, I will give up
Only cause Part of me is destroit forever
Every Second i spent my Life my Heart grows
And thank you for the Days, we had Everything
And for the Days we couldn´t get enough
For the Days a Word lasts for sparking a Storm
When we decided to stare at the Wall
Wordless, Worthless, A little Whisper told us, we would never fall
Wordless, Worthless, and honestly, we wish it back!
Track Name: Long Way Home
There are always two Decisions and Ways
And Freedom dies through Safety
When the End is the same
And we´re not gonna supposed to change
Why we dont give a fuck in everything
And we´re still getting drunk and staying just for one night
Hoping that some Day brings the Change
We all just want to feel something that feels like Love
In a doped Head

Do you know the feeling when you get hugged by everyone
But you never felt so alone
We´re hunting for hearts and the more you can get, the win is a further broken mirror
Sharts between the Shadows of ourselves
Narcissuses never were so in Flower (were so in Flower)
No one cares about Death
By counting every hour

Are the Memories so worthless
An Embrace is only an Embrace
A Kiss is just a Play of Lips to prove that your Body works

Blinks of Eyes let you forget and rip all out what you could regret
Time´s not standing still my friend (your Heart get´s broken)
Take Everything (The devil has spoken)
The Distance from home was never greater than now
And the Things you said had a lot more weight

I have to get out
I have to get out
What have I become instead of wings
The chains grow on my Legs

It will be a long way home
A long way home
The distance was never greater
A Long way Home