by Never Grown Up

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released May 8, 2015



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Never Grown Up North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

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Track Name: No Pills
It´s way too cold outside

On the wrong side stands a boy
His hands on iron build to keep him slow
He is fucked up as fuck
But all my friends are
They see the fire and so they lock the fuckin door tonight
It´s way too cold outside

No Pills
We´re on the wrong side caught in a breed
Living to work in a gear
No Pills
They said my friends are maniacs
Keep your mind free

Trapped in a dream of a perfect world
Loving the lie behind white walls
Track Name: Rip It Out
Long time ago you´ve lost your fuckin heart
And it got wasted in mutt
Mirrors are breaking after she paints herself
Only to get fucked
A Girl who´s lying in the puke has lost herself
I thought the dignity would die at last
But betraying must be normal in these days
Simply killing of the past

When the Heart is useless
Rip it Out

You gave a fuckin shit
So stop believe and start to fuckin sink
Do you have to take some blessings
To bring you back to the good old life
Are you not bored to be unscared
To try some new things out of line
Track Name: Not Your Home
You dont have to be strong
Only to look good
And just to feel save behind your mask
But not in your own skin
I know that you´re going home
Drowning in tears
Yeah you hate it to stay
This is no home but you have to wait

Life takes its prize of rotting away
I saw them all bleeding without pain
Give it to the kids and youth every fuckin day
But we just wanna feel our pulse
So smack the fuck into my face

This is not your home
When there is no place to hide
This is not your home
The sleeping time becomes a paralizis
Track Name: I´m Done
I´m broken inside
Sometimes I live and I wanna die
And when I´m dead I can feel my lungs
Breathing for the first time

I´m broken inside
Sometimes I live and I wanna die
So close of finding my mind
Waiting on the other side

I used to walk the streets at night
Cause I´m sick of covering my eyes
Avoid the streetlight fuck everything
Enjoy the shadows for a while

And when they ask me where I´ve been
Yeah, I dont know, but I dont wanna to
I was playing the dead man

I´m Done
This place is no place to be
Born in, crawling, get more, throw up
My head felt so fuckin stuck

I´m so fuckin done
Track Name: Indigo
My old dream is still the same
About a man who´s gonna die
So quiet of running tired
By wishing he had more time

I get fuckin angry
I get fuckin sad
I try to live out every pain its still better than being dead
And when the throat gets tighter
I´ll cut it off
I watch the rope the world gave me
But I know it´s my own choice
Track Name: Taste the Salt
I got some questions left
Do you feel alright
Is it such a funny thing to have an endless might
Is it way to hart to find somebody right
So you pick up something innocent
Cause it shined that bright

Why looking up when there is something that i dont want to know
I dont belive that you want to come close to
Taste the salt

This is the last time that i call you a father
Cause you´re better in being a friend
Track Name: Lonewolf
So i try to find someone new to answer my questions
About that life and about the same shit every day
My old man said trust in me
A boy needs a structure to become a man
By wasting away so i packed my bags

And I stared in their eyes and knew
There is nothing left to say
Maybe its too late for them
Cause the glitter it turned to grey
But I keep on loving the beauty as a lonewolf

How can we find out who we really are
When we walk all the same fuckin streets again
Same places, strange faces
This is isolation
A lifelong curse since our birth

There is no second life
So make the world your fuckin own